image of the artist sarah sweeney new york city

"I can be wowed by a Wal Mart as much as a trip through the Met.” The artist invites those who see her work to examine more carefully — to look again at — the world around them, to discover beauty, humor, and insight in unexpected places.

Born in New York, reared in the suburbs, young Sweeney moved to Saint Marks at the age of sixteen. The eclectic subjects of her work include figurative, photo-realistic paintings in oil and acrylic on canvas and velvet and etchings with ballpoint pen. Each bears witness to the manic range of her artistic curiosity, running the gamut from noir-like fascination with the sensual and lurid and underground, to friction between high and low culture, even to a kind of nostalgia for urban Americana. She explores responses from beautiful to bizarre, subversive to funny. A recent commission includes a series of oil paintings on velvet of black panthers on permanent display at 63 Wall Street in the Financial District.